What Is a Community Improvement District?

Community Improvement District (CID) is a defined area of non-residential properties, whose owners choose to pay an additional tax or fee. The additional revenue is dedicated to services and improvements within the district’s boundaries. CIDs provide services such as cleaning streets, providing security, making capital improvements, constructing pedestrian and streetscape enhancements, and marketing the area. The services provided by CIDs supplement and do not replace services that are provided by the local government and funded by property tax dollars.

Stone Mountain CID Security Patrol carA CID is also able to leverage available resources that individual property owners cannot on their own. For example, grant funds acquired by the city or county for special programs and/or incentives such as tax abatements can be made available to assist businesses or to recruit new business.

Community Improvement Districts create solutions that maximize impact. CIDs unite commercial property owners, real estate professionals, elected officials, government agencies, chambers of commerce, educators and community members. As partners, they create and realize a joint vision to increase property values and improve the business environment.

Now more than ever, business leaders need economic development and infrastructure solutions that produce real investment returns.

CIDs thrive under solid leadership — committed men and women driving the business success of their community. When leaders combine resources in CIDs, businesses and communities improve.

We are looking for partners to form a new CID and advance your community to the next level. The time is right to make that commitment and work together for a better tomorrow.

We need your support to write the next chapter of the cid success story!

Emory MorsbergerCommunity Improvement Districts are tested, successful public-private partnerships. They combine the efforts of business, government and community groups as a team to create success through new transportation improvements, beautification efforts, security upgrades and economic development. They do whatever it takes to make progress on an incredible win-win basis.

— Emory Morsberger, President
Morsberger Revitalization

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