The Benefits of Community Improvement Districts

Beautifying roadways and intersections

enhanced medianCIDs spearhead the beautification of gateway entrances, interstate interchanges and other key travel corridors. CIDs also work closely with law and code enforcement officers to reduce blight. These ongoing efforts offer immediate and lasting benefits, and they send a strong message about the continued investments made in the surrounding community.

Reducing crime

Increasing the presence of public safety resources deters potential criminal behavior. CIDs provide the organization and necessary resources to hire private security forces and off-duty police. With targeted and effective patrols, CIDs supplement the efforts of area police to reduce crime.

Reaching full potential

CIDs provide the optimum structure and leadership to craft economic development strategies that join stakeholders as one team – with one vision.

Work crews repairing guard railWith support from government and community, CIDs win substantial grant funding for planning and improvements. CID targeted strategies aim to increase property values, revive businesses and increase job opportunities.

Fixing broken places

Fixing broken infrastructure is imperative for an area’s continued commercial success. Some improvements are as simple as repairing broken lights; others are as complex as reconstructing bridges and intersections. CID leaders plan, manage and find funding for these enhancements.

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